Committee Minutes 07/11/18

Minutes of the meeting held on 7 November 2018 at 12:30pm at BGU.


1 Present: Avril Golding, Allan Crease, Zoe Tomlinson, Brian Porter, Anne Atkinson, Nikki Goldblatt, Jason Ware, Lynne McEwan, Jill Wadsley, Marilyn Taylor, Nigel Hooper.


2 Apologies: Charles Simpson, Stewart Kerrison, Mick Jones, Duncan Wright, Bob Garlant, Kelly Cortlett-Slater, Sam Marple.


3 Minutes of 10 October 2018 – these were accepted as a true record and the only matter arising confirmed that the equipment for Roman food preparation is functional, except for cooking pots.


4 Finances: The LAG main account has £1007.66 and the Project account has £855.


5  Harpswell Dig

  1. The talk on the Eastern Growth corridor will need to be scheduled for January or February. Action: ZT
  2. Geophysics agree in principle with DW. Date to be planned for the New Year. Action: BP/DW
  3. The budget for the project plan needs to be reviewed to ensure there are adequate costs allocated to cover both digging and report writing days.                                                                            Action: CS/BP/JW
  4. Pottery workshop progressing. Action: ZT/JY



6 Fundraising

It was agreed to hold a discussion on fundraising for the future at a LAG Committee meeting in January.     Action: Agenda/Committee/Members


7 LAG Talk

It was requested to have a talk by Craig Spence or Duncan Wright on how dig reports are produced, stored and made accessible.   Action: BP


8 Date of Next Meeting

12 noon on Wednesday 19 December 2018 at BGU