Committee Minutes 10/10/18

Minutes of the meeting held on 10 October 2018 at 12 noon at BGU

Apologies: Allan Crease ,Lynne McEwan, Anne Atkinson

Present: Jane Young,Nikki Goldblatt, Cola Jennings,Zoe Tomlinson,Stewart Kerrison,Jill Wadsley,Jason Ware, Avril Golding,Brian Porter, Sam Marple

Observer Nigel Hooper.

Minutes of last meeting agreed with following amendments. Amendment 1.the Harpswell finds belong to the Tatums not as stated. Amendment 2. Nikki To send out new membership forms not Zoe.

Action point: S Kerrison is yet to liaise with Jill about how useful a table would be in the shed.

  1. Food Feast: has been postponed until Spring.Cola asked for volunteers to prepare cook Roman food. In the meantime the LAG volunteers will get out the cooking equipment to check it. John Hudson produces replica pots which can be used for food. The cooking range was built by Keith Andretti. He is no longer at BG but can possibly be contacted.
  2. Treasurer: Current LAG balance £66. Project £855.00 James to supply regular updates to Nikki about who has paid membership. All Harpswell donations to be paid via bank account.
  3. Harpswell Project. Brian to liaise with Duncan to organise geophysics for February 2019 Duncan has agreed to process data.Derek has data from drone maps and is resolving.

Pottery workshops. 4/05/2019. To include talk, handling,pot making,conservation and recording.Max 20 people, £10 deposit,total cost £60 to include a course pack and lunch. If over subscribed a further workshop will be arranged.

Dates  for Harpswell Dig 2019: 14 days in total. 8/4/2019 to 12/4/2019 Open trench and dig . LAG members. 15/4/2019 to 18/4/2019 Family days and LAG digging days. 13/05/2019 to 17/05/2019 digging days and closure LAG. 1 Saturday to be determined.

Zoe to contact Pam Tatum and arrange a suitable open day.

Fund Raising. Jane Young to contact Network Archaeology about a lecture.Possible venue BG if free with a £5 donation suggested to attendees. Start 6pm duration 1 hr. Tour of the Ermine St dig area for LAG members £5 donation. History of Harpswell lecture. Raffle.

Budget: Charles and James to liaise about budget and items needed and accounted for including post ex reports.

  1. Graffiti: Agreed to do graffiti Wed afternoons on alternative weeks. Volunteers to meet at BG.First graffiti outing 17th November.
  2. Flotation: Charles to give explanation immediately after meeting then the volunteers can work through the soil samples during next and following LAG meeting. The sessions on 21/11/2018 and 1/12/2018 will be full day LAG meetings to enable the samples to be processed quickly. Nikki and student rep will notify members of the activity and dates.
  3. Co-opted member. Nigel Hooper was invited to join the committee and agreed.

Meeting closed.