Committee Minutes 12/9/18

Minutes of the meeting held on 12 September 2018 at 12 noon at BGU


1 Present: Avril Golding, Allan Crease, Zoe Tomlinson, Brian Porter, Anne Atkinson, Nikki Goldblatt, Charles Simpson, Jason Ware, Stewart Kerrison, Mick Jones


2 Apologies:  Lynne McEwan, Jill Wadsley


3 Minutes of 23 May 2018– these were accepted as a true record and there were no matters arising


4 Finances

  1. The LAG main account has £897 and the Project account has £855
  2. It was agreed: the annual fee will be raised to £10 pa in September 2019. A reminder to this effect will be issued with the 2018 renewal of subscriptions Action: NG
  3. The unpaid invoice regarding the use of The Collection from LCC has been met by BGU on the advice of Andrew Jackson. LAG expressed its gratitude to Andrew’s intervention.


5 NAG Gift of Equipment

The committee expressed its thanks to the members and their partners involved in shifting the equipment, erecting the shed and storing the equipment therein. Keys to the shed are held by BP, AC, AG, Jill W, and a further one is stored in the key cabinet at BGU.

SK will check to see if his plastic table will improve storage in the shed and he is also investigating the repair of some faulty equipment

Action: SK/Jill W


6 Data Protection Law

It was agreed to adopt the policy circulated as a draft after the 23 May meeting.

Copies of the updated LAG membership form will be circulated to members.

Action: ZT


7 Remains of the Lincoln Roman Public Baths

MJ reported on the current position regarding the finds and documentation of an excavation at Cottesford Place in 1957 led by the museum curator Dennis Petch. A report has never been published and work needs to be done on the finds which are now mostly back in Lincoln. A finds archive of the excavation is in the museum. ZT offered to look at the wall plaster. However MJ estimated the cost of required work would probably exceed £25,000. Nevertheless they may be the opportunity for LAG to volunteer for some finds processing.


8 Finds Update

ZT reported that the report on the 2005 Sudbrooke Roman Tile is nearly complete and recorded her thanks for the classification database. The pottery for 2005 is being categorised currently and the large wall plaster sections are next to be investigated.

ZT mentioned that the large quantity of finds from the summer dig at Wigford will need washing and marking.


9 Harpswell Project

  1. a) During the summer it became apparent that the dig needed to be deferred until Spring 2019 to allow time for field walking, mapping and fund raising. Furthermore ZT/CS will have completed the reports for the BGU Field Schools on this site and that will assist the research for the proposed Spring excavation. in the meantime AA along with support from Jo Gray, Mark Tattem and SK has organised a drone photography survey of the site, the results of which are with Jo’s husband, Derek Cater, for analysis.

Finds from the pipeline excavation at Harpswell are now with BGU although they are the possession of Pre-Construct who carried out the work.

  1. b) LAG needs to raise another £1000 to cover the estimated cost of professional fees for the dig and post excavation reports. The possible sources of further income include

Fees from dig participants: £300

2018 Subscriptions           : £200

Profit from Pottery Day     : £400

  1. c) Jobs for the next meeting

Fix a date for the dig                                                           Action: Committee

Ideas for the timing of the dig days                                    Action: Committee

Contact Duncan Wright about geophys on site                  Action: BP

Obtain information from drone exercise                             Action: AA

Details of Pottery Day to be fixed                                        Action: ZT

Ideas for fund-raising from lecture and Ermine Street tour Action: Committee


10 New Student Representatives on LAG Committee

Kelly Cortlett-Slater and Sam Marple will be the new student representatives.


11 Bricks and BonesHeritage Food Festival

Banks Newton will be organising this event on 27 October in St Peters at Gowts Church Hall. LAG volunteers will be welcome.


Dates of next meetings to take place in the Archaeology Lab at BGU

                   12 noon Wednesday 10 October

                   12 noon Wednesday 7 November—the AGM