Committee minutes 13th March 2019

Minutes of the meeting held on 13 March 2019 at 1:00pm at BGU

1 Present: Allan Crease, Brian Porter, Anne Atkinson, Avril Golding, Charles Simpson, Marilyn Taylor, Sam Marples, Nigel Hooper, Jason Ware, Nikki Goldblutt, Zoe Tomlinson

2 Apologies: Mick Jones, Lynne McEwan, Jane Young, Jo Gray, Stewart Kerrison, Kelly Corlett-Slater, Jill Wadsley

3 Minutes of 27 February 2019 and matters arising:The reissued corrected minutes of 27 February 2019 were accepted as a true record.

4 Finances

The LAG account : £155.66 and the Project Account: £2697.05, which leaves a project deficit of £1078 against its budget.

5 Harpswell Dig

  1. Site of trenches: ZT reported that the report of the excavation and photographs from the earlier work by PCAS are now available. BP reported that BGU would do some geophysics measurements for LAG on 2 and 9 April. The landowners are interested in a trench near the PCAS excavation.

It was Agreed that the preferred sites for trenches are one on the Mound and the other near the PCAS excavation with a third option of extending the previous work done at BGU field schools on the road way if the Mound excavation turns out to be a dud.  ZT will contact the Tatums and Jo Gray and report back to BP and Martin Huggon to enable geophysics to go ahead.                                                                                  Action: ZT/BP

  1. b) Organising Equipment: DuncanWright has agreed that LAG can use the BGU equipment. The material in the BGU shed needs to be checked

Action: BP/AC/NG/AG

  1. c) Promotion: Flyers have been issued to all students, so far there are six definite student diggers. The final version of the flyer will be widely disseminated.                    Action: BP/SK
  2. d) Rota of Dig Activities: It was agreed to use a rota for dig activities for all days except the last day of digging when speed may be of the essence. Priority would be given to non-LAG paying participants, then LAG members who have not done digging and finally to experienced LAG members. However several experienced LAG members volunteered to forego digging if that allowed newer participants to do so. SM will draw up the rota and AA will help with some of the administration. Action: SM/AA

6 Pottery Workshop: so far eleven folk have signed up. ZT will advise on the details for the volunteer helpers in due course. Action: ZT

 7 Pot Squad: JY will lead a session at the 27 March meeting of LAG to explain the scheme. ZT has circulated an invitation from Southwell Pot Squad to a meeting on 21 March.


8 Date of next meeting

 1pm 27 March at BGU