Committee Minutes 19/12/18

Minutes of the meeting held on 19 December 2018 at 12:00pm at BGU

1 Present: Avril Golding, Allan Crease, Zoe Tomlinson, Brian Porter, Anne Atkinson, Nikki Goldblutt, Jason Ware, Lynne McEwan, Jill Wadsley, Nigel Hooper, Charles Simpson, Stewart Kerrison, Sam Marples

2 Apologies: Mick Jones, Marilyn Taylor, Kelly Cortlett-Slater

3 Minutes of 7 November 2018– these were accepted as a true record.

4 Finances: The LAG main account has £1062.66 and the Project account has £855

5  Harpswell Dig/Fundraising

  1. ZT is still pursuing the talk on the Eastern Growth Corridor or an alternative which will be scheduled for January or February Action: ZT
  2. There are problems with the geophysics equipment which Duncan Wright is trying to resolve and he will inform us when it can be used.
  3. The budget for the the project plan has been revised, the consequences are that we have £1755 available at the moment. If we use CS and ZT for 10 days there would be a shortfall of £2020. Possible sources of funding are: £1000 from two pottery workshops and participant fees, plus £250 from talk (50 x £5). Also, donations from LAG members and Hemswell community and other fundraising ventures such as a raffle Action: ZT to write an appeal for donations and AG to organise raffles                                   

     4. Dates for the dig need revising Action: Next meeting agenda

6 Pot Squad

It was Agreed that LAG would form a self managing sub group to specialise in pottery identification, beginning with post medieval pot. Action: ZT to issue invite for members to join the sub group

 7 Graffiti in Spring 2019

Further work is needed at Tattershall and St Dennis, Sleaford. The LAG website will include how to join the recording process and BP will give an update on recording at the next LAG meeting. Action: LMcE for website and BP on recording

 8 Sacred Landscapes Project

Professor David Stocker has indicated he would keep LAG informed of any volunteering opportunities, such as field walking, associated with this project based on the Witham Valley

9 Heritage Food Festival

Members to note and to be encouraged to be involved, an e-mail has been sent out.

10 LAG post

DW to be asked to drop any LAG mail arriving at BGU into a box provided for that purpose in the lab.

11 LAG Website

LAG minutes are now on the site. A discussion about corporate membership will be on the next LAG agenda      Action: Next  meeting Agenda

Dates of next committee meetings

January 16th at noon

February 13th at noon

LAG LAB sessions begin on 16th January at 2pm