Committee minutes February 2019


 Minutes of the meeting held on 27 February 2019 at 12:00pm at BGU

1 Present: Allan Crease, Brian Porter, Anne Atkinson, Jill Wadsley, Charles Simpson, Stewart Kerrison, Marilyn Taylor,  Kelly Cortlett-Slater, Sam Marples

2 Apologies: Mick Jones, Avril Golding, Nigel Hooper, Zoe Tomlinson, Nikki Goldblutt, Jason Ware, Lynne McEwan, Jane Young, Jo Gray

3 Minutes of 16 January 2019 and matters arising

  1. The minutes of 16 January 2019 were accepted as a true record
  2. SK is awaiting a reply from Network Archaeology in order to collect the tables
  3. c) The LAG bank accounts need checking for any issues relating to direct debits Action: Jason W/NG

 4 Harpswell Dig and Fundraising

  1. Jane Young has very generously offered her services at Harpswell for free.
  2. The Pottery Workshop is costed at £60pp with £50pp going to the dig budget. Jo Gray has generously paid for the hire of Hemswell Village Hall. A minimum of 10 applicants will be needed for the event to proceed.
  3. Three volunteers are needed on the day to assist in the delivery and catering. Action: AC/SK/JW
  4. There was discussion regarding the date of the workshop and the loss of the involvement of The Tatams and their gardens. However it was decided to continue with the original date of 6 April. The event will be advertised through the SLHA, Heritage Lincolnshire and the LAG website.

Action: BP

  1. e) KC-S offered a talk to be given by her husband, Adam Slater, on his research on the city boundaries of Leicester as a means of raising funds. The talk will be scheduled later in the spring or early summer.

Action: KC-S

  1. f) The Tatams have offered to organise an open day at their gardens on May 19th and to donate the funds raised to the project. This normally raises some hundreds of pounds.
  2. g) ZT has offered to accept her fee after the dig as funds become available. This kind offer was accepted.
  3. h) It was Agreed that the fees for participating in the dig would be

For LAG members:  a single fee of £20

For non-LAG members: £10 per day or part of day

For students: a single fee of £20 or £10 for a single session

  1. j) The talk by Erik Grigg was well attended and raised nearly £300. Dr Grigg generously gave his entertaining and informative talk for free.

k)The present position on funds for the dig is as follows

Budget Target : £3775

LAG Project bank account: £2664

Shortfall: £1111


  1. l) The estimated income is as follows

Dig Fees: £300

Pottery Workshop and Open Garden Day: £700

Raffles: £120

Grand Total of extra income £1120


  1. m) In the light of all the above information It was unanimously Agreed to go ahead with the dig on the dates

Set up: April 11 or 12

Dig:  April 15-18

Dig:  May 13-17

Open Day : May 19

Backfilling will follow these dates.

5 The Pot Squad

BP reported that Jane Young has collected a set of pottery for the first session, the date of which will be circulated later.

6 Heritage Food Festival, 11 May

JW and SK will be doing a display and will contact Cola Jennings regarding arrangements                                                             Action: SK/JW

 7 Graffiti Update

  1. Recording at Sleaford St Denis is ongoing
  2. Tattershall Castle recording is nearing completion
  3. BP is advising the Cathedral about tours.

8  Portable Antiquity Scheme

The Friday sessions are being well attended by up to a dozen members. It is hoped to have Lithics training in Lincoln later in the year. All are welcome.


DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS:     1.00pm Weds 13 March

                                                         1.00pm Weds 27 March