Committee minutes July 2019

LAG: Minutes of the meeting held on 3 July 2019 at 1:00pm at BGU

1 Present: Allan Crease, Stewart Kerrison, Marilyn Taylor, Sam Marples, Avril Golding, Zoe Tomlinson, Brian Porter, Jill Wadsley, Nigel Hooper, Jason Ware

2 Apologies: Mick Jones, Kelly Corlett-Slater, Charles Simpson, Nikki Goldblutt, Lynne McEwan, Anne Atkinson

3 Minutes of 5 June 2019 were accepted as a true record and there were three matters arising:

  1. Fourteen of the road irons brought from Harpswell to BGU need to be transferred to Jill’s shed
  2. It was AGREED to cancel the Wednesday sessions of LAG during July and August and to restart on 11 September.
  3. For members of PAS there will be a lithics training session at BGU on 31 July, but it requires registration with PAS at the British Museum.

4 Finance and Purchases

  1. The main LAG account has £235.66 and the Project account has £2127.22 with a payment of £342 to be made leaving £1785.22. Banks Newton have been paid for their supervision of the Harpswell dig.
  2. To date £4300 was raised for the project account
  3. The CBA membership is due for renewal. JW will check whether the national membership has been paid and also pay the East Midlands local membership fee of £5 Action: JasonW

 5 Harpswell Dig Review

  1. Digger Fees: there was confusion over the responsibility to organise and pay for the digger.
  2. It was AGREED  that in future any LAG groups who make a financial decision must minute that decision and send a copy to the secretary.
  3. In order to help future planning it was AGREED to use the HLF budget form for LAG digs.
  4. The Evaluation Review is well underway and several replies have been received
  5. AG was thanked for giving her talk about the dig to the Harpswell Gardening Group.

6 BGU Field School

  1. Several interesting wall and floor features were found and the finds include Iron age and Roman pottery, a Roman enamel brooch and Roman coins.
  2. With only a few days left for the dig and still much work to do the issue of LAG helping was raised and SM will ask if that is a possibility

Action: SM

7 Graffiti

  1. BP will conduct a trial tour at the Cathedral on 17th July
  2. BP is giving a talk at the National Conference on 5th October at Southampton University.


8 Craig Spence Retirement

  1. There is a farewell party for Craig in the BGU SU bar at 6pm on 23rd July
  2. It was agreed that a card and gift would be organised

Action: AG/BP

  1. c) The committee expressed its thanks for the many contributions Craig made to LAG and to The Friends of Sudbrooke Roman Villa.


9 Request for Speakers

  1. AG asked for speakers for organisations in Welton in Sept/Oct and Nov.

BP and AC will liaise with AG                             Action: AG/BP/AC

  1. b) It was AGREED that LAG would expect a fee of at least £20 for providing a speaker.


10 Publication of LAG Committee Minutes

It was AGREED that minutes would be put on the LAG website with a note that if members have issues for the committee they should send them to the secretary. NG to alert members.                              Action: NG/LMcE

 11 BGU Old Marquee

DW asked whether LAG wanted any of the poles or canvas.

It was AGREED that LAG did not want  any of this equipment but BGU should keep the HLF funded blue gazebo.                          Action: AC/DW

 12 Jill’s Shed

The equipment in the shed will be checked and a new inventory produced on 17th July at 2pm                                                      Action: JillW/SK/AC

 13 Fundraising Strategy

This issue will be an agenda item at the AGM         Action: AC

 14 Southwell Community Archaeology Group Invitation

LAG members are invited to attend a session on 12 September run by Jane Young on brown and black glazed pottery.

15 LAG Pot Squad membership

Jane Young has asked to know who wants to join the Pot Squad. NG is asked to mail members to determine interest.     Action: NG

 Date of next meeting  1pm Wednesday 11 September