Committee minutes June 2019

Minutes of the meeting held on 5 June 2019 at 1:00pm at BGU

1 Present: Allan Crease, Anne Atkinson, Stewart Kerrison, Marilyn Taylor, Sam Marples, Avril Golding, Zoe Tomlinson, Brian Porter, Jill Wadsley, Lynne McEwan, Nikki Goldblutt

2 Apologies: Mick Jones, Kelly Corlett-Slater, Nigel Hooper, Charles Simpson

3 Minutes of 8 May 2019 were accepted as a true record and there were two matters arising:

  1. BP has received no reply from the organiser of the graffiti project at Tattershall Castle
  2. the draft of the evaluation survey of the Harpswell dig designed by ZT was approved.

4 Finances and Purchases

  1. The LAG account : £235.66 and the Project Account: £4127.22
  2. Members were asked to report to the treasurer the cost of any items they purchased for the dig but for which they did not want to be reimbursed. This would help budgeting for future digs. Action: All/JW
  3. Surplus items bought for the dig such as plastic bags, permatrace and gloves have been donated to BGU.

5 Harpswell Dig

  1. Everyone was encouraged to complete the evaluation survey
  2. The dig fees for non-members were discussed and It was agreed to stay with the published scale of fees and not refund any monies.

6 Jill’s Shed

  1. Netting and road irons, of which 14 belong to LAG, need to be collected from Harpswell and returned to BGU and the LAG shed at JW’s house.

Action: AA

  1. b) The items in the LAG shed need to be sorted and checked against the original inventory; this will take place at 2.00pm on Wednesday 19 June.

Action: AC/JW/SK

 7 Graffiti Project

  1. NG will mail members to invite their involvement. Action: NG
  2. There is a need to investigate the possibility of funding to cover the cost of coordinating the project. Action: AG

8 LAG Display at The Collection

LMcE has spoken to managers at The Collection and will determine what is needed.

9 Pottery Workshop

It was agreed to follow Jane Young’s suggestion and join the Medieval Pottery Research Group as an institution for an annual fee of £40.

  Action: AC


10 BGU Field School

It was Agreed in the light of the large numbers of BGU students and others involved in this year’s dig that, with the exception of NG who will help with finds,  LAG would not become involved in the digging. However LAG will ask if BGU want us to process the finds post excavation.

Action: AC

 11 Harpswell Gardening Group Request for a Speaker

AG has offered to respond to the request to speak about the Harpswell Dig on 20th June.                                                   Action: AG

 12 Summer LAG Sessions

It was Agreed that the summer sessions of LAG would focus upon the completion of processing the finds from Harpswell and the return of finds from the Ermine Street Dig to their owners.

13 Lithics Training by PAS

Members were asked to respond to the requests fro dates for Lithics training being proposed by PAS.                                      Action: PAS members

14 Network Archaeology offer of tables

It was Agreed that LAG would decline the offer of tables

Action: SK



NEXT MEETING:  1.00pm 3 July at BGU